We carry out projects in the field of making production moulds, prototype moulds, models.
In the process of developing moulds, models we use CAD/CAM software, and we realise them using 5-axis milling centres CMS Posejdon and Fanum Lambda VTM with unparalleled parameters in this part of Europe.
We mainly mill light materials such as plastics, foam, composites, solid wood, MDF, plywood, etc.

In addition, our offer includes also service:
• Laser culling in fibre optic technology FIBER with a working area of 1500x3000mm is the absolutely state-of-the-art technology for efficient cutting of any shape from steel sheets
• Water jet cutting, a modern technology without thermal and chemical side effect of other cutting methods. We cut virtually any material • Cnc turning of stainless steel, carbon steel,
• We have extensive experience and a wide range of machinery,
• Milling of structural, stainless steels, plastics on 3 axis machines